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Cancun, November 21, 2018 Dear competitors, local triathletes, sponsors, and sports community: In response to all the questions and doubts surrounding the long-distance triathlon event known as “half”, as well as the other distances involved in Challenge Cancun-Puerto Morelos, we’d like to reassure you that the event scheduled for next April 28, 2019 will indeed […]

Am I ready for my first Challenge event?

Have you contemplated the challenge of race 113k in a triathlon competition like Challenge Family? If you want to try, you should know a few things. Perhaps you are an experienced triathlete, but you need new challenges, that’s why Challenge Mexico events are just for you. How many hours do you train for week? You […]

What is Challenge Family?

Challenge Family is the fastest growing global long-distance triathlon series, which now has two new races in Mexico: Challenge Baja and Challenge Cancun. Challenge Family hosts spectacular events that take place in strategically chosen locations, all while giving triathletes the full experience. Participants of these events can compete, enjoy with their family, create unique moments, […]

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Cancun 50 th Anniversary
Challenge Family
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