Am I ready for my first Challenge event?

Have you contemplated the challenge of race 113k in a triathlon competition like Challenge Family? If you want to try, you should know a few things.

Perhaps you are an experienced triathlete, but you need new challenges, that’s why Challenge Mexico events are just for you.

How many hours do you train for week?

You might have a few sprint and olympic-distance triathlons under your race belt, but remember that you need a training plan to prepare yourself for a challenge like this.

To prepare for your first 113k race, you can keep your weekday training hours at nearly the same time of your competition, that could help you a lot. By increasing weekend training hours slightly and by strategically placing particular workouts together, you can be on the start line of Challenge Baja or Challenge Cancun with a high level of confidence. 

Also, remember this while training for your next Challenge event:

If you’re getting tired, it is OK to:

  • -Totally skip one low-intensity workout and rest instead.
  • -Reduce the Saturday bike by up to 30 minutes or your Sunday run by 15 minutes.
  • -Do an entire medium-intensity workout within a lower heart rate zone.

Just dont’ forget that: the more you cut training hours, the longer and more tortuous the race will be. You’re prepared for any challenge, that’s why you are a triathlete. Never give up!

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