Transition 1:  SWIM – BIKE transition will be in Playa Langosta

  • On Saturday, October 17th you will only leave your bike with your race number on it. Be sure to take your helmet, it will not stay in transition. 
  • On race day be sure to take all your swim & bike gear to T1. Here you will be using your BLUE and WHITE bag. 
  • All age group athletes must leave their bike in T1 on Saturday, April 25th. Only Pro Athletes are allowed to place bike in T1 on race day.

Transition 2: BIKE – RUN transition will be in Universidad Tec Milenio

  • On Saturday,
  • October 17th you will leave ALL your running gear here. This includes: 
    • Running shoes, socks
    • Running accessories such as hat, glasses, race belt. 
    • Gels, food and anything you eat or drink for your run. 
  • All your gear must fit in your RED transition bag, and must have the race number sticker on it. 
  • Please consider you will not have access to this bag until you are in your race, so anything you might need must be placed in the bag on Saturday. 

After your race you will find your other two bags: BLUE and WHITE, tied to your bike rack in T2. It is important to mark all your bags clearly with you race number. 


Transition bags: 

BLUE: for your post swim gear. This bag is for all the items used during your swim portion and will not be taken on the bike leg. Everything must be placed in the bag, anything that is left out will not be transported and will be thrown away or donated. 

RED: This is for your run gear and it is mandatory check in on Saturday, October 17th in T2: Universidad Tec Milenio. Check the event schedule for specific hours. 

WHITE: For your morning clothes. This bag will be taken to the bus marked “Gear check” and will be transported to T2 with your blue bag. Please do not leave any valuables in this bag, such as cell phones, watches, sunglasses. 

Be sure to have all you bags correctly and clearly marked, in order to avoid any loss. 



You will find different aid stations along the course, all being lead by LIFE  paramedics and nurses. If needed, you can stop here for medical attention. All stations will be equipped for the most common emergency situations: heat stroke, bike accidents, dizziness, stomach problems. Any athlete that needs special attention will be taken directly to the medical tent at the finish line, or in case of emergency, to the official hospital: Hospiten.