Racing in Cancun will guarantee a fast and flat course, but also a very hot and humid one, take your precautions.

The event takes place in the heart of Cancun’s hotel strip and part of downtown. As a participant or spectator you’ll enjoy all the best sides of the city; its beaches, turquoise waters and warmth of the people.

The Challenge Cancún course is distinguished for being flat and fast as well as hot and humid.

CHALLENGE Cancun 113K, both individual and relay team, will consist of a 1.9km swim, followed by a 90 km bike and finally a 21 km run.

Swim Course

The swim leg for both distances, as well as the Open Water Event, will be happening in one of Cancun’s favorite beaches: Playa Langosta. Each course will be marked with bouys every 150 meters. Race officials as well as the medical team will be located throughout the course and easily identifiable. 

Swim start will be on the beach and in the rolling start format. All participants must wear their face mask at all time during their wait in the corrals and until the moment they are at the starting line.  

In May, the water temperature is around 26ºC (85ºF) and the deepest part of the swim course is close to 6 meters.

Challenge 113K individual and relays 1.900 meters 1:10 hrs
Challenge Sprint 1.000 meters 35 minutes
Challenge Open Water Swim 1.5KM  1.500 meters 50 minutes
Challenge Open Water Swim 3.0KM 3.000 meters 1:50 hrs

Transition 1 will be located accross the street from the swim start. Athletes will have to use the temporary bridge to cross over to T1 from the beach. 

Relay tema members will be located in the RELAY tent. It is in this tent where the team must hand over the ankle chip. All relay swimmers will be transported to T2 and finish line. 

The race time limits begin once the last person of each event is in the water. If you are on course when your event reches it’s time limit you will be notified by a race official  and be asked to withdraw from the race. 

Bike Course

The second leg of the event will take place on the lagoon side lane of Blvd. Kukulkan. And will go up to kilometer 14 and back downtown to Av. Bonampak passing next to T2, the run course and the finish area. 

Cyclists will be covering the hotel strip as well as residential and commercial areas of the city. For the 113K event athletes will complete 3 loops and for sprinters only 1 loop. 

The course is fast, flat and a bit snug so be sure to ride carefully always to your right and making sure it is safe when you pass a fellow athlete. There will be 2 water stations and 4 medical stations on course. Be extra careful when coming up to them.  Race officials will be on course. 

This is a non-drafting event. 

Challenge 113K individual and relays 90 kilometers 5:30 hrs since start
Challenge Sprint 25 kilometres 1:35 hrs since start 

Transition 2 is located within Tec Milenio University on Av. Bonampak. Here, relay team members will also have a specific tent where to switch the ankle chip. 


For the last part of the race, athletes will head out of T2 (Tec Milenio University) and run onto the North-South lane of Av. Bonampak to complete an easy straight line 3 loop course.  The course will have 3 medical stations with Life’s paramedics and first class services. Water stations will be every mile and will have: water, powerade, fruit, soda and ice. Athletes will cross the finish line within Tec Milenio University.

Challenge 113K individual and relay 21 kilometres 8:30 hrs since start
Challenge Sprint 7 kilometres 2:30 hrs since start